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Your First Guide to Database Design
Kindle Edition
Andrew Comeau

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Your First Guide to Database Design
Andrew Comeau

Your First Guide to Database Design is a clear, easy-to-use guide to relational database design for both beginners and I.T. professionals who need to know how to organize and store any amount of information on any subject. Whether you're using SQL Server, MySQL or another database software, this book will show you how to model the data, create a system of tables and use Structured Query Language (SQL) to read and write to your new database.

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Microsoft SQL Server for Beginners

An introduction to Microsoft SQL Server for new developers.

This series is intended for beginning programmers who would like to become familiar with Microsoft SQL Server from a developer perspective. It provides guidance on the installation of SQL Server and integrating a database with a programming solution. A basic level of familiarity with database concepts is a prerequisite.

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